Fumeo style and experience for your business

Are you looking for a distinctive, precious and Made in Italy item? 
A product that in flair and elegance can represent your style? Fumeo Carlo has been producing men’s knitted ties and accessories for almost a hundred years. The processing is 100% artisanal, the result is extremely unique and personalized. 

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Ethical Fashion

Fumeo’s production pay extreme attention to processes, with a new awareness of the future, throughout very clear steps: 

  • careful selection of raw materials 
  • fibers of exclusively of nature origin 
  • choice of ethical supply 
  • in-house and trained craftsmen 
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A unique style custom-made for you

The Fumeo Carlo men’s accessories collections break the mold, creating a casual elegance that can be adapted to different lifestyles. Combinations of different styles, original and classic colors, sophisticated but timeless textures are the expression of absolute freedom. 

Through the expert hands of our artisans and the care of our style office you can create a product tailored made for you: a unique weave, an ad hoc color combination, a bespoke product for your business. 

Bespoke by Fumeo

We customize for fashion companies, tailors and boutiques, in colors, combinations, textures and sizes. 
The 100% internal processing allows us to satisfy the most diverse requests, creating an ad hoc product for each customer. 
Our style office and our craftsmen are your added value.

Our services

We make bespoke products for companies, sports associations, academies and colleges in Italy and abroad. 

We embroider by machine and by hand.
We create your designs or your logos, together with you we create an elegant, well-finished and branded representative product.
Fumeo quality and style at your service.

The box experience

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Find out the style of Fumeo Carlo and get to know the quality of our products.
Receive your box experience. 

Discover Fumeo Carlo’s world throughout our box experience. A tool to get in touch with us, share our values and see first-hand the quality of the products. 

Inside the box experience you will find: a journal, a logbook where you can read about Fumeo Carlo’s story and future goals; a casket box, holding a selection of knitting samples in different texture and colours, to discover our style combinations.