The iconicity of our men’s accessories has been our distinctive sign since 1932. Our products now are done exactly as we did in 1932: with the same looms from the Thirties, the same craftsmanship and the same passionate pursuit of beauty.
Each tie, suspender, bow tie or belt is a small work of art resulting from creative flair, artisan professionalism, and continuous stylistic experimentation.
Our production, entirely Made in Italy, is handcrafted in all stages of the production chain and is characterised by scrupulous attention to the minor details and finishes, as well as to materials: wool, cotton, silk, cashmere and linen.



A story of a simple and surprising elegance, a tale with a distinctive Italian spirit. The tie as an expression of artisan tradition.



A story that continues to be told wearing handmade ties, bowties, suspenders and belts. Exactly how Fumeo has done it since 1932.



A story with a new awareness of the future, respecting the tomorrow’s world from this very day.

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