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“We produce with looms from the 1930s, which work slowly, still requiring the intervention of the craftsman’s hand, but guarantee a weave and quality which cannot be reached with modern machines.”

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Fumeo is a story which started nearly one hundred years ago. In 1933 Carlo, from whom the company takes its name, was sent to Germany to buy new looms when he spotted one that produced knitted silk ties.   

It is then that the company started producing ties of the finest quality and, only a few years later, they would already export the Made in Italy elegance all over the world.  


The entrepreneurial spirit and family pride inspired the new generation to put the business heritage at the core of the Fumeo Carlo’s brand. The founders’ grandchildren created a new beginning and led the way for change.  

The family legacy is thus reinterpreted through a contemporary approach which lies behind the new communicative presence. A presence that represents the style, ethics and brainchild of Fumeo Carlo today. 


Fumeo Carlo presents the great classics of menswear by readapting the way they have been conceived to give them a new life in the contemporary world. Its clothing becomes timeless, versatile and fluid.  

The distinctiveness and beauty behind Fumeo Carlo allows it to push over the limits and go further the tradition to be timeless and handed down without losing its true self. 

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The accessory explores, dares, goes beyond and breaks with tradition. It is a key element of style that takes the liberty to free itself from the classic to delve deeper and discover a different meaning. We preserve our heritage and adapt it to today’s world, where the use of accessories is not dictated by conventions but follows the trends while still keeping its timeless charm. 

The individual and his fullest self-expression are placed at the centre of our research. You decide how to wear your accessory to express yourself, in a unique way that has never been used before as for years accessories have been exclusively identified with haute couture and classical tradition. 

Ties, bow ties, braces and belts are not regarded as basic accessories anymore but become integrant part of the man’s outfit layers as they enhance and downplay its style. 

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Our story is aware of the future by starting today to preserve the world of tomorrow. Environment, creativity and people are placed at the heart of our ethical fashion. Our approach to craftmanship is still the same, but are values changed.  

The attention we pay to raw materials and sustainable yarns are the premiss of all our ideas and research and allows us to design Made in Italy products that fully respect people, the environment and our surroundings. 

Our interest in eco and ethical fashion grows year by year. We are committed to generate a positive change for our planet starting from each and every phase of our production pathway. For our ties we choose natural, biological fibres such as silk, cotton and cashmere that we use to tell a story of research and bonds that, knot after knot, tie to each other the skills of our artisans.  

“What has never changed with the passage of time, and what we have all always held on to, was the initial choice to do high-quality craftsmanship and with natural, fine materials.