Why do you need knit ties in your wardrobe?

Adds texture to the outfit 

If you think you always wear the same thing, it’s because you’ve never dared with a tie.  

The knit tie has a three-dimensional look when you look at it and when you touch it. It is less formal and therefore goes very well with most outfits, even the most casual and “relaxed”.  

It is perfect for busy days 

Being made from a high-twist silk yarn, it does not crease. The knit tie is the perfect accessory for travel and hectic days without sacrificing an elegant touch.  

You won’t be ordinary 

Although knitted ties are very popular today, they are not as common. If you wear one, it will automatically make you stand out in a sophisticated and understated way. 

The combinations are endless 

Knitted ties are very versatile. They can be worn with a formal suit and, thanks to their more relaxed nature, tone down the formality; at the same time, they can be worn for casual outfits such as a denim or linen shirt.